artists need to be powered

Political changes arise, and it will even become more important to keep in contact with the poeple who are able to enjoy art, and brave enought to help. If you like my work and have ideals over being a collector and artsupporter, we should meet and talk. The artist rely on artpatrons, who show there appreciation by funding and supporting projects. Because art is not about the one product, it is about the poeple from different worlds which meet inbetween.

warm regards
Katharina D. Martin


ISCP international studio & curatorial program

The ISCP New York invited me to spend an artist in resicdency in there Studios. This invitation is an amazing opportunity, and I believe the working environment will catalyze some interesting artpieces. To finance this stay, I do need strong partners, which believe in my work and in my future as an artist.

I love to welcome also you, as a sponsor and give you the opportunity to become part of an exiting art process. You could make this project possible and in the same time discover a new way of experience art.

During my stay in New York I will work on a new installation and performance piece which will be captured in video. Back in Europe there will be the possibility for lectures, artist talks and video screenings.

This stay will also be the place and the time to work on a publication together with the philosophic Writer Agnieszka Anna Wolozdko. Wołodźko finished her master studies in philosophy in Poland and published articles about the role of spectator in contemporary art. Currently she is engaged in the research about the meaning of a body in the posthuman culture. In 2012 she will finish her MA in Art History in Leiden University in the Netherland.

Katharina D. Martin thanks Klussenbedrijf Topi Topi, Freunde der Kunstakademie e.V.

QUEENDOM Katharina D. Martin

The artbook 'QUEENDOM' is a collaborational project by Katharina D. Martin & Jonmar van Vlijmen.

We thank the following contributors for their generous support: Dagmar Martin, Piotr Stanislaw Guzek, Galerie Iris Cornelis, Marcel Schroeten, Ruth Seggering, Ralf Rotthaus, Albert Rosenfield, Rosa Martin, Agnieszka Anna Wolodzko, Christoph Meyer, Galerie Frank Taal, Gerd Podewin, Han Hoogerbrugge, Caterina Pecchioli, Betsy Green

QUEENDOM is a limited edition of 80 copies. There is still the chance to acquire the ownership of this unique book. More detailed information about the artbook QUEENODM you can find here >>>>>>