Installation * Exhibition View 2024
Power Play * Group show with Katharina D. Martin, Pip Passchier, Alexandra Phillips and Mirjam Somers * OX.Space at Lijnbaan 150 in Rotterdam * Show Presented by EwaldxRos * POWER PLAY involves various perspectives on power – with regards to political power, the relationship between humans and animals, societal structures as well as the connection between humans and (objects in) their surroundings.

Choreography for a Coup d'État is a thought-provoking installation. Instead of portraying harmony, as in traditional political alliances, Martin’s banners serve as bleak indictments of supremacy gone awry. This powerful installation serves as a rallying cry for those who refuse to be silenced in the face of injustice, urging them to find common ground. At stake is a future where power is exercised with compassion and responsibility, rather than fear and coercion.

With the presentation of four vertical banners, Martin provides a relentless critique of political power. Each banner is a testament to the insidious nature of oppression and reminds us of authoritarianism that reigns unchecked. The viewer is confronted with the seductive nature of power which conceals its corrosive effects on society. The installation forces us to question our own complicity in systems of oppression and to reflect on the urgent need for resistance and solidarity in the face of tyranny.

Each banner – almost four meters long – emanates pride, and together they seem to represent an alliance between four fictional nations. The first banner shows a deep, enigmatic black, with a white circle in the centre and a star in soft blue. Here, in the midst of darkness, the star symbolizes almighty power. On the second banner, a bright red colour unfolds, decorated with bold black stripes that run towards a radiant symbol in golden yellow – the sun. As a symbol of vitality and resilience, the sun transcends cultural boundaries and emphasizes the common humanity that unites us all. Nevertheless, this composition is primarily reminiscent of authoritarian empires.  The third banner consists of red, blue, and green blocks of colour. In its centre, a striking black and green rosette attracts attention. Symbolizing the winner, the rosette celebrates wealth and strength. The fourth banner, which shows a purple harlequin pattern against a blue background, captures the essence of mystery and intrigue.

Costume/Video * 2013

A dwarf in a dress tailored of military material presents itself waving to the camera. The flags in the background giving the impression of possible country alliances. The created character performs an endless loop of choreographic appearance, retiring and presenting, in the rhythm of a reverential royal television broadcast.