'Ein Streifzug durch die Abstraktionsebenen digitaler Formen' by Katharina D. Martin, in: Art and Artworks in the Digital Age. Philosophical Perspectives, Artistic Practices, TRÓPOS V. 15 N. 1 (2023), ed. by Alice Iacobone

The digital age indeed has much to offer to the arts. Digital media provide new tools that can be put to the service of already existing practices, but they also represent an opportunity for developing unprecedented artistic researches and for taking novel theoretical directions. In this sense, the digital allows for the advent of brand-new practices while also coming to concern art as such. Exploring the digital dimension artistically can shed light on its fascinating, exhilarating, uncanny and frightening features; in turn, the arts and their relating categories (such as form, form-taking, image, imagination, creativity, style, performance, just to mention a few) are transformed by the digital and by its inherent possibilities. The papers gathered in this issue of Trópos aim to address the entanglement of the arts and the digital by offering a variety of scholarly perspectives and focusing on a great number of different specific aspects and objects of digitality.

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