GIRLS RULE THE WORLD * 19.02. - 16 February 2013  * Group show with Chantal Rens - Josine Beugels - Ashley Zelinskie - Anje Roosjen - Suzan Kolen - Katharina D. Martin - TINKEBELL.

TORCH gallery welcomes the new year with GIRLS RULE THE WORLD. For this group exhibition TINKEBELL. invited female artworld friends she admires to send her their very best works. The exhibition isn't meant to be a feminist statement, but should rather function as proof that women often empower each other. TINKEBELL. feels that this is a phenomenon in need of greatly increased attention. Several decades of women's emancipation haven't led to a proportionate regard for their art. Between anonymous home crafts and hysterical feminism there exists an enormous wealth of very relevant art by female artists. For this art to become more visible these artists will have to claim the stage themselves with courage and powerful works. With this in mind all the participating artists will choose their most typical and outspoken pieces for the exhibition. The result is a presentation that includes a plethora of media and messages all serving a single cause. From embroidery to video-art; women deserve more attention in contemporary art!

Many of the exhibited pieces display a very personal, ironic style. They function as sharp observations from a confidently female perspective. Purposely an almost physical discomfort is created by making use of treacherously clumsy aesthetics and a threatening intimacy. All the candy-cane pink and sugar-sweet displays of Girl Power just form a seductive icing on the often confronting messages within these works. The presented pieces charm the spectator first, only to deliver them a nasty bite when they really start looking. The idea is to present a selection of art that convincingly holds the viewer's attention and delivers a strong message in an unorthodox way. All the artists participating can be linked to illustrious predecessors such as Tracy Emin and Sophie Calle. Luckily this exhibition will transcend the personal sphere and should be able to actually live up to its title. GIRLS RULE THE WORLD should be a confident statement, not a feeble wish.

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