HEAVY MERRY FINLAND  *  27 June - 14 July 2013

At the mid-summer time Titanik gallery presents HeavyMerryFinland group show with Dutch contemporary artists. Welcome to the opening on Titanik gallery, Thursday 4.7. at 7 pm! The opening program includes e.g. Black Peider performance and Tero Juuti’s Tattoo Dictionary -hand tattoos for brave guests. Finnish artists participating in the exhibition: Annika Kivi, Anssi Kasitonni, Tero Juuti, Laura Lappi, Maria Stereo, Noora Federley, Jouna Karsi, Petteri Tikkanen, Ville Pirinen, One Love-artist group. Dutch guests are Abner Preis, Atladottir & d'Ors, Daan de Houter, Jeroen Kuster, Katharina D. Martin, and V & B * www.titanik.fi, Itäinen Rantakatu - 820700 Turku -ti-pe 12-18 - la-su 12-16 - Reception 04.07.2013

HeavyMerryFinland is an artist collective promoting Finnish art and artists internationally. HMF operates on a non-commercial basis providing opportunities for artists to build contacts abroad. HMF has been working closely together with the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux to organize exhibitions at Roodkapje exhibition place in Rotterdam 2011 and at Recyclart Art Center in Brussels 2012. In 2013 HMF was selected to participate at the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, Sweden, and curated an exhibition at Titanik Gallery in Turku, Finland in collaboration with six Dutch artists. Furthermore HMF has curated exhibitions together with Tupajumi Foundation at the Platforms Projects, Art-Athina International Contemporary Art Fair in Athens in 2014 and 2015.

HeavyMerryFinland artists: Anssi Kasitonni, Noora Federley, Jouna Karsi, Kaija Papu, Laura Lappi, Annika Kivi, Ville Pirinen, Sanna Järvelä, Antti Pussinen, Petteri Tikkanen, Maria Stereo, Tero Juuti

Dutch connection: V&B, Atladottir&Dor's, Daan den Houter, Katharina D. Martin, Jeroen Kuster, Abner Preis. The HeavyMerryFinland poster is designed by Ville Pirinen . The HMF exhibitions are organized and curated by Annika Kivi & Laura Lappi.