The 2024 Deleuze and Guattari Studies Camp will take place in TU Delft from 3-5 July.

The Camp will be devoted to the themes of Intelligence, Instituting and Archiving, allowing however significant room for broad interpretations and experimentation. To foster these experimentations, every day will be structured in four 90-minute plateus, each corresponding to Code, Flow and Stock respectively. The Code instructor will give a kick-off lecture under the broad topic of the day (Instituting/Intelligence/Archiving). The Flow instructors will curate their 90-minute plateau as they see fit (workshop, single long lecture, double short lectures, performance, screening, gaming, etc.). At the end of the day, the Stock instructor will moderate a 90-minute discussion between all the instructors and the participants.

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Camp Instructors

Agnieszka Wolodzko / Arun Saldanha / Asli Ozgen Havekotte / Betti Marenko / Dulmini Perera / Enrique Gomezllata / Erik Bordeleau / Georgios Tsagdis / Gokhan Kodalak / Ian Buchanan / Katharina D. Martin / Marc Boumeester / Patricia Pisters / Renske Maria van Dam / Rick Dolphijn / Setareh Noorani / Sjoerd van Tuinen / Sonia de Jager