POSITIONING SYSTEM * MAMA ROTTERDAM 01. December 2006 - 14. January 2007

MAMA - showroom for media and moving art in Rotterdam presents Positioning System - whereareyou, iamhere, hereweare, an exhibition of recently graduated artists from Belgium and the Netherlands. In order to localize and position themselves in relation to their historical, social, and cultural environment, they make use of an individual positioning system. They encounter, register and infiltrate their surroundings via diverse systematic approaches. This is comparable to GPS, the popular system that enables users to both determine their own position and to find their way in an immense landscape of possible routes.

Positioning System is the outcome of the educational programme Mister Miyagi Curating Tomorrow. After the success of the pilot edition Mister Miyagi 2005, Showroom MAMA again offered six young academics the opportunity to learn about curating this year. The Miyagis visited graduation shows in Belgium and the Netherlands and in this project they will present their vision on the work of recently graduated artists. The number of possibilities for physically locating people and places is continually increasing as a result of systems like GPS. At the same time, paradoxically, we have become disoriented as a result of the decline of traditional geographical borders and clearly outlined identities.

The international panel of curators of Mister Miyagi Curating Tomorrow 2006 consisted of:  Ken Pratt (curator London), Bettina Carl (artist/curator Berlin), Jan van Woensel (curator Antwerp), Sophie von Olfers (curator WdW Rotterdam), Annie Fletcher (curator Amsterdam) and Nous Faes (director Showroom MAMA Rotterdam)