K. D. Martin: »Organisation und Konkretion: Technik als das Problem des Ausdrucks in der Philosophie« in Ladewig/Seppi (Eds.) Milieu Fragmente: Technologische und ästhetische Perspektiven, Leipzig.  S. 41-48.

Milieu Fragmente: Technologische und ästhetische Perspektiven

Siri, Big Data, affective computing, interconnected bodies—the plethora of heterogeneous fragments that our present is split up into is unimaginably vast. Their composition is a question of milieu. The concept of determining how living beings relate to each other and to their natural environments was originally associated with the life sciences. While this concept was valid, if we are to bring the milieu concept up to date, we need to give particular consideration to current technological and aesthetic conditions. This book addresses these conditions by proposing an extension of the milieu concept, while at the same time illuminating specific modern-day technological and aesthetic constellations from a theoretical perspective. It includes a selection of essays from the philosophy of technology, cultural and media studies, and the history of art and images. The volume is published as part of the series of theoretical works Analysis&Excess by ilinx-Kollaborationen.