Het bestuur van Stichtig Het Torentje heet u van haarte welcom op de opening van de installatie The seamstress van Katharina D. Martin op zaterdag 17 juni 2006. U wordt verwacht om 17 uur inleescafé De Meridiaan van de Openbare Bibliotheek Het Baken 2 te Almelo

A big apparently disordered heap of used white clothes is pressed against the inside of one of both shop-window discs, and takes from the inside a significant part of the space. Everything is to be found under these clothes: Women, men and child clothes, clothing as well as underwear. Beside the mountain in clothes only two white stools similar to base are in the space. On one there lie scissors, thimble, needle and black thread. On the the artist herself sits. She wears a red dress. She sews everything with the hand on eachother and makes big pricks them how stay on the clothes behind, like long scars. Bit by bit there originates a carpet made from clothes. On Thursdays, a normal weekday; in the daybreak she sits there. Sunday, the end of one week; late in the evening, if the day goes over to become night, she sits there again and sews. For the whole length of the Exhibitiontime of this performative installation a slow restacking, therefore a metamorphosis, is to be noted. Here is in skillful way the textile history of the town connected with an archetypal picture.