SHE DEVIL * MUSEO D'ARTE CONTEMPORANEO DI ROMA MACRO 1. September - 30. October 2011 * A video screening about female topics created by Stefania Miscetti will have their opening night at MACRO

The format involves artists and curators, both Italian and international, both emerging and established, who work with moving images. For the video screenings in the V-tunnel, Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art presents She Devil: the latest all-female exhibition of video art that Studio Stefania Miscetti has been successfully producing for years. As in previous editions, the review includes numerous international curators and artists, the aim being to set up an open platform for new and different experiences. She Devil, the name of a Marvel comic hero and title of a famous 1989 film by Susan Seidelman, alludes playfully to the diabolical and bizarre spirit with which artistic experience explores and interacts with everyday life. The videos focus on a female-oriented research and compare different research paths. The initiative aims to arouse, sometimes with humour and at times with realism, the collective consciousness on issues such as female identity, the body as a place of representation and meaning, and personal experience, which has a universal dimension even when it is the intimacy of artists that is brought to the foreground.

Roma // fino al 30 ottobre 2011 * She Devil 5 a cura di Antonia Alampi, Susanna Bianchini, Benedetta Carpi de Resmini, Dobrila Denegri, Maria Garzia, Laura Giorgini, Maria Cristina Giusti, Caterina Iaquinta, Manuela Pacella, Cristiana Perrella, Lydia Pribisova, Elena Giulia Rossi, Chiara Vigliotti https://www.museomacro.it/mostra/she-devil