Critical and Clinical Cartographies

(2015): Ecologies of Corporeal Space Martn K. D., in: Critical and Clinical Cartographies, International Conference Proceedings, Andrej Radman und Stavros Kousoulas (Eds.), Jap Sam Books and the Architecture Theory Chair at Delft University of Technology 2015, S.39-50 +++ order here JAP SAM BOOKS +++

The critical [...] and the clinical [...] may be destined to enter into a new relationship of mutual learning. [...] In place of a dialectic which all too readily perceives the link between opposites, we should aim for a critical and clinical appraisal able to reveal the truly differential mechanisms as well as the artistic originalities. (Deleuze, 1967)

The ambition of the 3C conference is to rethink medical and design pedagogies in the context of digital technologies. Cyber-physical technologies, a current locus of architectural and medical practices, assist the shift from the physical body to embodiment. Long after its impact on medical practices, digitalisation further challenges the ecological, economic and aesthetic habits of the architectural milieu.

Speaker: N. Katherine Hayles, Robert Babuska, Keith Evan Green, Antoine Picon, Christian Girard, Jenny Dankelman, Kas Oosterhuis, Sjoerd van Tuinen, Frans C. T. van der Helm, Katharina D. Martin Host: Theory Section and Hyperbody, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, The Netherlands. Organising Committee: Heidi Sohn, Henriette Bier, Andrej Radman, Stavros Kousoulas and Jasper Schaap