DAUGHTERS OF CHAOS: DISCIPLINE, PRACTICE, A LIFE  * STOCKHOLM 29. June - 01. July 2015  8th Deleuze Studies International Conference

‘Daughters of chaos’ describes the filial role with which Gilles Deleuze and his collaborator Félix Guattari have anointed the disciplines of philosophy, science and art, suggesting that disciplinary formations and their respective practices enable us to make sense of the diverse cultural and natural phenomena of local environments in relation to collective global concerns. “In short,” Deleuze and Guattari explain “chaos has three daughters, depending on the plane that cuts through it: these are the chaoids – art, science, and philosophy – as forms of thought or creation.”

Confirmed Invited Speakers: Gary Genosko; Lisa Mazzei; Simon O’Sullivan; Adrian Parr; Daniel W. Smith; Fredrika Spindler.

The Daughters of Chaos Deleuze Studies International Conference 2015 will take place at Konstfack: University College of Arts, Crafts and Design ( south of the city centre of Stockholm, Sweden.