2017 Amsterdam: Merlijn Olnon Publicis * transcript of the dabate on feminism with Jules Sturm and Katharina D. Martin at Wijsgerig Festival Drift 9. April 2016

Considering that there seems to be a third party to any conceptual binary, a disruption to any normality, an exception to any universality: how to be respectful rather than prejudiced, how to be pleasantly surprised rather than shocked at the eccentric? This is tonight’s conundrum. Jules Sturm and Katharina D. Martin shall be talking about how a political philosophy of egalitarian and emancipatory contestation, feminism, aims at explicating and thereby politicizing what makes up the content of our experiences: bodies – matter – materials.

Martin, Katharina D./Sturm, Jules/Schilpzand Sigmund B. (2017): Jules Sturm en Katharina D. Martin, Feminism & New Materialism. Debate transcript. In: Rosa de Jong (ed.): In staat tot natuur, philosophical festival DRIFT 2016. Amsterdam: Merlijn Olnon Publicis, pp. 114–136.

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